I have really  neglected  my blog.  I didn’t realize it had been so long.  I shifted my focus more to the whole newsletter thing.  If you don’t subscribe to my newsletter, I just sent one out today.  It had links to my free book, a couple of .99 books, and I’m giving away a signed paperback. 


I have been writing like crazy the last few months.  I have a new release coming out May 9, 2019.  It is book 1 and 2 in the Heroes of Neoma series.  It’s being released under a new pen name, Sheridan Knight.  Book 1 is the previously released Charm Him, Disarm Him.  I fast at work on book 3.

Here’s the blurb for book 2:

Phaedra is a New Society female on their planet Nysa.  She has one purpose, and it’s to service assignment soldiers for one month in whatever capacity they desire. Alistair is her doctor, and when he makes a life-changing decision for her, she feels nothing but anger and betrayal for the man.
Alistair is a slovenly, unattractive doctor whose job is to enhance the females to appeal and appease the New Society soldiers.  He sedates and forces Phaedra to leave for the desecrated and disease-ridden Earth, followed by transport to Neoma, the frozen, death planet. His plan was to save her from a life of servitude and offer her a freedom she wouldn’t have had.
But all isn’t as it seems.  And when Phaedra learns to see and trust with her heart and not her eyes, she will risk not only her life, but the life of the man she wants to share it with. Is Alistair strong enough to save them both? Is she willing to trust the feelings that are forming between them?
This is book two in the Heroes of Neoma Collection. It can be read as a standalone but may be better enjoyed if read in order.


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