About me

I sat down and started writing my first novel after the birth of my second son in 1992.  I shopped the manuscript around, gained some feedback.  As with a lot of writers, life got in the way.  Between work, the birth of my daughter, and other things, my writing took a back seat for many years.  

I got involved in a writers group when we moved to the gulf coast of Florida in the mid 2000’s.  It was a great group.  They had a wonderful conference each year that featured several agents and publishers.  I got serious again and wrote Charm Him, Disarm Him.  Every pitch I made on it received a full manuscript request, but it never went much further.  I edited, added, until I started to hate the book.

In 2015 I went to New York for the Writers Digest Conference.  My pitches once again were met with success each time, and I got approached by Blushing Books.  Their representative shared a table with an agent I pitched, and she wanted me to come see her.  I explained I didn’t write BDSM, erotica etc., but she wanted to read my book.  And…I got a contract.

Blushing Books is known as a “spanking romance” publisher.  I knew about BDSM because of 50 Shades, but the whole domestic discipline was new to me.  Well, Blushing requested I add a spanking scene to my book.  I did.  A very short, quick spanking.  From then on, I found I enjoyed writing it and have continued to do so.

Besides my three children, I have four dogs, a cat, a turtle, and a supportive husband.  The last seven years we have lived in Alabama on the Alabama River, and I love it here, but I always wanted to be in a year-round summer climate near a beach.  We recently bought a home in Melbourne Beach, Florida, and we are splitting our time between both.  

This is me, and my sis-in-law in Melbourne Beach (I’m the one with the big hat, yep, it’s my thing, have to wear a big hat in the sun).