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Charm Him Disarm Him

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Calliope is a product of the New Society on the planet Nysa, where women have no rights, freedom or choices. Education is frowned upon and they exist solely to work—or to provide recreation for the menfolk. But Calliope has bigger plans. Her mentor, Cassandra, has told her all about Earth and how things are different for women there, and now Calliope dreams of escaping Nysa, getting to Earth and living a free and happy life.

Unfortunately, she doesn’t get as far as she had planned—instead ending up being placed with a dedicated soldier, Amerrande, as his plaything for three months.

For his part, Amerrande usually doesn’t accept so-called ‘assignments’, as he is dedicated to the New Society’s cause and sees women as an unnecessary distraction. But he finds himself being drawn irrevocably to Calliope from the very beginning and, judging by her very physical reactions to his advances, she feels the same way.

Regardless of her developing feelings for Amerrande, Calliope knows she must not let anything get in the way of her plans to escape. She refuses to allow her heart to rule her head and eventually she manages to achieve her goal; after a terrifying escape and hazardous journey, she reaches Earth—and freedom.

Amerrande is sent to find her, and to punish her for defying the New Society. But his feelings for her are too deep and he finds himself unable to execute her death sentence. Instead, he has her banished to Neoma, the so-called ‘Death Planet’. All Calliope’s hopes and dreams have been extinguished by the one man she has ever loved… or have they?


12 Naughty Days of Christmas – 2016: 12 Short Stories PLUS a Bonus Story

12 naughty

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Cold nights? Do you need something to warm you up? This collection of 13 holiday themed stories will be sure to keep you warm. 13 authors, 13 stories!

Twenty Four Days by Jenny Plumb
Grandma Got Run Over By Raina, Dear by Katherine Deane
Christmas With Callie by Amelia Smarts
His Christmas Brat by Kelly Dawson
Spending Christmas With Jessica by Paige Mallory
A Very Georgian Christmas by Vanessa Brooks
The Santa Wrangler by Megan McCoy
A Very Jackson Christmas by Delia Grace
A Merry EX-Mas by Sheri Lynn
The Aussie and the Irish Christmas by Constance Masters
A Merry Little Christmas by Bethany Leigh
A Midwinter Marriage by Bryony Kildare
A Carol for Christmas by Lucy Wild

His Eternal Promise

his eternal promise new cover 6-14


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Carlee put everything into her family and her job over the last couple of years, sacrificing any personal life. After a rare evening out with a few girlfriends, she encounters a captivating man under inexplicable circumstances. Against all rational judgment, they share an evening of the most fulfilling and erotic sex she’s ever experienced.

Maxim hasn’t wanted a woman, especially a mortal, in over a century, but he wants Carlee. He intends to keep the truth from her in order to build a relationship first, but a woman from his past complicates things forcing him to reveal the truth. He hopes Carlee chooses to keep him in her life, because he can’t leave, her life is in danger.


The Heart Won’t Forget

The Heart Won't Forget

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Frannie thought she had life all figured out. Don’t get involved. No expectations means no disappointments. And that’s exactly how she chose to live her life with her four-year-old son over the last three and a half years. Safe and quiet. 

But in the span of ten days, her safe, quiet life starts to fall apart. Corey, an ex-boyfriend, moves back in next door. He apologizes for breaking her heart, and wants another chance. He’s as good looking as ever, and their children pick up their friendship right where they left off. But Frannie can’t forget the agony she experienced when he left her.

Adam, her ex-husband and son’s father, also comes back into her life. He was her first love, and they had remained in each other’s life for their son’s sake – as friends. Now he’s forcing her to confront the pain of her past in the hopes of ensuring a better future, one that includes him. He’s different than the young man she married just out of high school. He’s confident and commanding. 

Frannie has a difficult, life-changing decision to make. Give a relationship with Corey another try, or give Adam and their failed marriage another try. Or, is she better off alone following her safe and quiet life plan? Which man will step up to win her heart? Which man is strong enough to convince Frannie she is safe with him?

Publisher’s Note: This emotional romance is intended for adults only.


Nothing Quite Like A Rush on the River


my 7k short story exclusively offered at Leap of Faith Publishing webstore.

Relocating to Alabama, Ginny didn’t believe anything could be as hot and humid as living on the Alabama River…until Grant Rush arrived to fix her broken air conditioner.

Grant Rush wasn’t the repairman she expected. Neither was the instant attraction that inundates her from her first look at him. Unsettled in his presence, she behaves in the exact opposite of what she truly wants. She’s rude, threatening, and pompous.

Coaxing Ginny out of her comfort zone and to let down her defenses will try Grant’s patience, but he suspects she is a kindred spirit, and he intends to know her. Once the two of them act on their mutual desires, will it be enough to convince her to give them a shot? Grant knows she is worth it, and he isn’t willing to give her up.