These are any anthologies I have stories in that are available for a limited time.  Some are no longer available, but I have several in paperback.

Paperback available.

Welcome to Ravenous Fables. Here you’ll encounter fairy tales from across the globe, reimagined and reinvented by a group of talented authors. Expect scintillating stories to get your heart-racing and prepare for sweet seduction. Searching for steamy mystical entanglements? You’ve come to the right place. Includes the delicious writings from these inventive authors: Jack Archer, Tiffany K. Brooke, Rynn Collins, Melissa Cummins, A.C. Dawn, Andra Dill, T. Elizabeth Guthrie, Sheri Lynn, E.S. McMillan, Jennie L. Morris, Samantha Preston-Morris, Kate Seger, Dakota Star, Whitney Zahar. *WARNING* This collection of short stories involves extensive, mind-blowing, adult themes and is intended for Adults Readers Only!

Blurb for my story:  The Echo Experiment

‘Echo, the Oddity’ has lived her life in the Pit shunned by the other Llars because her appearance and anatomy does not resemble theirs in any form. Reaching a state of maturity in which mating and procreating are expected, no male engages with her. The Minds begin escorting to the upper level, keeping her there for several days each month for a series of social and medical experimentation. Tonduk, a male Llar shows her acceptance and kindness. Even attraction. Does he have answers to the questions that have plagued her, or does she discover his astonishing affection is all she ever needed?

***NO LONGER AVAILABLE *** Available through May 10, 2020.

You can read my story included in the anthology for free.  Here is the link:

Sweeter Thank Chocolate – A Valentine’s Day Anthology


Sweeter than chocolate and hotter than your heart’s desire.

Celebrate the day of love with sixteen sweet and spicy stories from some of your favorite USA Today and Amazon Bestselling Authors. Brimming with love, passion, and angst, this anthology will satisfy your sweet tooth, set your heart on fire, and leave you yearning for more.

So tear into your favorite box of Valentine’s Day chocolates, pour a glass of wine, and start reading for some decadent, melt-in-your-mouth Valentine-themed romances.

About my story:

Satisfy My Craving by Sheri Lynn


Luckee, Lucille Aiken, didn’t hide away from life in her uncomplicated, somewhat isolated existence; she simply didn’t desire exposing herself to certain behaviors.  And Preston Ingram incorporated too many that tested her boundaries.

Rich.  Hot.  Smokin’ hot.  Super sexy.  Confident.  Popular.  Luckee didn’t want any part of it.  But attraction is a beast not easily confined.  And the more he pursues her, the weaker she becomes.

Some habits are hard to break, especially the ones we use as defense mechanisms.  Preston is linked to the tragic event that altered Luckee’s perception of herself.  Will she allow it tear them apart or join them together?  Will he?


***NO LONGER AVAILABLE***  I do have a limited amount available in paperback for purchase.  Just contact me for information.

asylum cover

The year is 1890. The Barrow Haven Asylum is a private facility in rural England housing some of the country’s wealthiest insane. Some inmates are truly insane, some banished by family members, others perhaps feigning insanity and with questionable agendas.

Ten stories of shock and suspense brought to you by ten of your favorite authors.

About my story:

Adeline’s Admission – Sheri Lynn

Adeline Shaw didn’t conform to her wealthy family’s expectations. She didn’t conform to anyone’s. Exasperating and shocking others delighted her. She thrived in causing commotion and feigning either innocence, ignorance, or both. As a teen, her morbid fascination with suspected murderer and radical scientist, Edgar Walker, his companion, Louisa Becker, and the investigating detective, Stanley Price, led her down a path of grief, denial, and self-destruction.

Residing almost half of her five and thirty years in asylums since, along with her vivid imagination, and victim to experimental, atrocious procedures, Adeline can’t distinguish reality from fantasy. What pleasures existed? What horrors ensued? Or did she discover pleasures in the horrors?

Transferred to Barrow Haven, detective Stanley Price is not only physically scarred from imprisonment and his use as a test subject at the hands of Edgar, but completely withdrawn and unresponsive. It prompts a series of dreadful encounters and realizations that test Adeline’s sanity beyond what she might be capable of withstanding. Does she truly possess the resilience to persevere any condemnation or hardship she suffered? Or does she learn she never endured the worst alone?

Some individuals live within their own set of boundaries. “We do what we must for those we love.”

Grave Importance – no longer available

I do have a limited amount available in paperback for purchase.  Just contact me for information.

This is no longer available, but I have a connected story releasing in the Asylum anthology releasing in January 2020.

grave importance cover with names

It’s 1870 in a rural setting on the outskirts of London. Famed surgeon Dr. Benedict Morrow hosts an elite few surgical trainees at the renowned Morrow Academy of Anatomy and Science.
Though the days of Burke and Hare are long gone, and body snatching and grave robbing a seemingly thing of the past, the supply of high-quality fresh cadavers is still lacking.
Each student of Dr. Morrow must procure a fresh corpse for their very own study, or face expulsion from the prestigious academy.
These hand-chosen students are the best and brightest in the country. They are also devious, conniving, and determined to do whatever they must to stay in the academy and under the tutelage of Dr. Morrow. Even turn against each other if necessary.
In the cards will be manipulation, murder, betrayal, sex, blackmail, and of course, money always talks.