Vampire Romance


They arrived in 1728.

La Nouvelle Orléans was a taste of the forbidden, of the unknown.

The city’s founders asked France to send over prospective wives for the colonists. France obliged, and many young girls arrived, bearing only as many belongings as would fit in a little “casket,” or “casquette,” which appears to be the 18th-century equivalent of an overnight bag.

Some accounts say they were fine young women, some say they were orphans, some say prostitutes. Some even say they’re the ones who brought vampires to New Orleans. 

Oriane’s current existence as one of the ‘undead’ has forced her to discover ways to reinvent herself. Love, acceptance, and happiness have eluded her. She receives an opportunity to travel to the New World, marry, and hopefully live a satisfying life, void of accusations and loneliness.
Her awaiting husband is more monster than she. He orders her to live for a period with an Indian tribe. After a series of catastrophic events, it is Yaholo, a man of the tribe who accepts her and perceives her as exceptional, not an abomination. But she is married. And her husband returns for her.
As she struggles with her growing feelings for Yaholo and the abuse from her husband, relationships between the French and the Indians are deteriorating. Preparations for war are underway.
But sometimes life presents one with challenges appearing insurmountable, yet it serves as a true testament to one’s true character and perseverance. An honest heart and true conviction can be rewarded. Even when all else seems lost, dreams can come true.…ifts-Book-ebook/dp/B073TSCXRV…sheri-lynn/1126715962

Carlee put everything into her family and her job over the last couple of years, sacrificing any personal life. After a rare evening out with a few girlfriends, she encounters a captivating man under inexplicable circumstances. Against all rational judgment, they share an evening of the most fulfilling and erotic sex she’s ever experienced.

Maxim hasn’t wanted a woman, especially a mortal, in over a century, but he wants Carlee. He intends to keep the truth from her in order to build a relationship first, but a woman from his past complicates things forcing him to reveal the truth. He hopes Carlee chooses to keep him in her life, because he can’t leave, her life is in danger.