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Learning to live after loss hasn’t been easy for Pam Mason. So when her best friend sets her up with a ‘New Year, New You’ adventure, Pam isn’t convinced it’s what she needs.

That is until a perfect stranger’s indifference sparks a flame inside her, one that tears down her defenses and melts his chilled heart. 

Together they can build happy memories, if only they can get past their volatile one.

Where can readers find Perfect Stranger?
Available exclusively in the Sweeter Than Chocolate: Valentine’s Day Anthology
Universal Link:
Sweeter than chocolate and hotter than your heart’s desire. 
Celebrate the day of love with sixteen sweet and spicy stories from some of your favorite USA Today and Amazon Bestselling Authors. Brimming with love, passion, and angst, this anthology will satisfy your sweet tooth, set your heart on fire, and leave you yearning for more. 
So tear into your favorite box of Valentine’s Day chocolates, pour a glass of wine, and start reading for some decadent, melt-in-your-mouth Valentine-themed romances.
Author Interview

Hello and welcome, readers! We have Roxy Matthews here with us today. Roxy, thanks for visiting us.

Thank you for having me. 

How long have you been a writer and how did you come to writing?

Of course, I grew with an intoxicating desire for books, as most authors do. Not only did I live through reading the stories, but in penning my own. I was close to ten when I started work on my first book. Of course, back then it was just a bunch of lined paper folded in half, but it meant so much to me to sit in that open pavilion on a wooden picnic table, a pencil in one hand, an eraser in the other, my imagination on fire. But, sadly, it fizzled away until I was in my early twenties, when I finally sat down once more, this time with a notebook and pen, never to let that fire be doused again. 

Tell us about your title featured in: Sweeter Than Chocolate: Valentine’s Day Anthology.

Perfect Stranger is a story of two troubled souls, who after just one volatile meeting change each other’s lives. Pam Mason, tortured by the death of her husband, had forgotten how to live. With the help of her best friend, Pam is set on a ‘New Year, New You’ path that leads her to Doctor Thorpe’s couch and his lack of compassion. Michael Thorpe, traumatized from being dragged through the mud by his ex, was about to lose his standing in the medical field until Pam Mason tears him a new one. With forces beyond their control at work, the two find their way through their pasts to a future that promises beautiful memories.

How did you come up with the storyline?

In all honesty, it started as a RomCom, with three blind dates and was meant to revolve around those dates with Doctor Thorpe being the final one. 

Enter ‘Knight in Shining Armor’. Perfect, right?

Nope, because Pam was not on board with her terrible dates being aired out to the public, and Michael Thorpe was not playing nice. So, my plans had to change because both had issues they needed to work through and refused to follow with my comedic approach.

What inspires you to write?

This question always befuddles me because I don’t actually need to be inspired to write. I just do it. Daily. You know when you have something running through your head over and over and over, that you just have to get it out? That’s how writing is for me. Everyday my mind is going, and in all that noise of work, life, bills, and stress, voices come through. Voices that refuse to quiet, stories that demand my attention, unwilling to budge until I put those words to keys. 

What is your favorite genre to read?

I absolutely love Dark Fantasy and Romantic Suspense, give me some good Horror, Psychological or otherwise, and I am popcorn deep, my toes hidden under a blanket from the ghosties. 

What would you say is the one thing you are most passionate about outside of writing?

Easy one, my babies and grandbabies. Just those darn smiles from any of them is enough to melt my heart and turn me to goo.

When you are not writing, what do you like to do?

Bahaha. What? You mean there’s time to do anything other than work and write? I seriously need to watch a webinar on this one. 

Tell us about your other books.

Well, I have nine other pieces and considering I love to cross genre and genre hop, they are a mix. I have one short story collection which is more macabre, titled ‘From the Depths’. A novelette, ‘Hypno-Planticus’ of Sci/Fi origin, another Sci/Fi mixed with Fantasy is my novella, ‘Holiday Resistance’.  My Romantic Suspense endeavor is a five-book series, Pale Bay Treasures. And to finish, a Dark Fantasy three-book series I am currently working on. The first installment, Fame Nor Fortune is live, it’s sequel Dead Nor Alive is currently underway.

Where can readers find you?

Plenty of places actually, which I’ll list below, but a google search of my penname, Roxy Matthews, will find plenty of resources throughout my career. 

Here are just a few…

About the Author: 

Roxy Matthews, a member of the Silverleaf Writers Guild, is a multi-genre, self-published author of full length novels, novellas, and short story collections. In 2018 she was named one of Canada’s Best Writers of the Year by Polar Expressions Publishing.

Her work has been featured in Suspense Magazine and several anthologies, including ‘The Way Through’ by Polar Expressions Publishing, The Charmed Writers Flash Fiction Anthology 2019, and Naughty Night’s Press’ Sweeter Than Chocolate: Valentine’s Day Anthology.


All the Teacher’s Valentines by N.J. Adel ~Sweeter Than Chocolate: Valentine’s Day Anthology Author Spotlight Interview @nj_adel #romancereaders #sweetromance #reverseharem #whychooseromance #twinbrotheromance #tabooromance #virginromance #bookboyfriend #romancereads #anthology #collection #holidayromance


I’ve never had a Valentine’s Day date.

And I’m a twenty-five-year-old virgin.

Laugh at me all you want, but I truly believe I’m cursed. Otherwise why do all my boyfriends break up with me right before Valentine’s Day? Or when it’s time for that third date?

This year is no different, except when I have a meltdown at the mall, screaming to the world how I think I can be very good in bed if someone actually gives me a chance, a man, Kyle, tells me his cousin Zach can help me with my…issue. The only thing I have to do is go on a fake date with Zach to Kyle’s wedding.

I agree, but when I go to his house, I discover Zach is my student’s hot single parent’s twin. And when I’m snowed in with the three Beastly hunks for the holiday, scorching secrets unravel and threaten to tear us all apart.

Could I finally have my Valentine’s Day date and eventually lose my V-card to one of these three gorgeous men? Or will this holiday leave me more cursed than I’ve ever been?

Where can readers find All The Teacher’s Valentines?
Available exclusively in the Sweeter Than Chocolate: Valentine’s Day Anthology
Grab your 99cent copy!
Universal Link:
Sweeter than chocolate and hotter than your heart’s desire. 
Celebrate the day of love with sixteen sweet and spicy stories from some of your favorite USA Today and Amazon Bestselling Authors. Brimming with love, passion, and angst, this anthology will satisfy your sweet tooth, set your heart on fire, and leave you yearning for more. 
So tear into your favorite box of Valentine’s Day chocolates, pour a glass of wine, and start reading for some decadent, melt-in-your-mouth Valentine-themed romances.
Author Interview

Hello and welcome, readers! We have N.J. Adel here with us today. N.J., Thanks for visiting us.

Always a pleasure. Thank you for having me.

How long have you been a writer and how did you come to writing?

A writer since I was eight. I was obsessed with Power Rangers and MG adventures in general, so I wrote my own. It got published in the school magazine. But I didn’t revisit that passion till recently. Several of my short non Romance stories have been published under a different name, and I published my first full length last July.

Tell us about your title featured in: Sweeter Than Chocolate: Valentine’s Day Anthology.

All the Teacher’s Valentines is a sweet, contemporary reverse harem novella. It features a virgin teacher, three potential dates, and one hot proposition.

How did you come up with the storyline?

The teacher theme has started with my newest series All the Teacher’s Pets. Two full length standalones have been released so far, and three more coming this year. I wanted to write something related to that bestselling reverse harem series, yet different to fit the Valentine’s Day mood. The series is paranormal with extra steam, yet All the Teacher’s Valentines is contemporary and sweet. Depends on the success and feedback I’ll get for that one, I’ll decide if I’ll extend it to a full length that is maybe not too sweet lol. 

What inspires you to write?

Anything. A dream, a feeling, a song, a book of another author…

What is your favorite genre to read?

Dystopian, vampires, psycho drama, femdom steam…

What would you say is the one thing are you most passionate about outside of writing?

Chocolate lol…ok, seriously, it’s my old job. I used to teach at college. There has been nothing more satisfying for me than standing in a lecture room.

When you are not writing, what do you like to do?

Watching movies, lots and lots of them. Listening to rock music. Spending time with my husband and daughter fishing and doing beach activities.

Tell us about your other books.

I write contemporary, paranormal, fantasy and historical spicy romance. Generally, I write in reverse harem and motorcycle club sub genres, but I dabble in straight contemporary romance as well. Her Royal Harem is a femdom reverse harem erotic historical romance that’s very dear to my heart. Seratis is an Egyptian Goddess reverse harem fantasy that I plan to finish the second half of this year. Nine Minutes complete motorcycle club trilogy is a dark and gritty series that tears me apart every time I come close to it. And finally, my latest series of interconnected standalones, All the Teacher’s Pets has vampires, werewolves, unusual shifters, faes, dragons, motorcycle club bad boys and paranormal prisoners, and all the sexy spicy teacher/student, twins, brothers and brother’s best friends taboos. There’s something for everyone.

Where can readers find you?



FB Group:

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Facebook Page:



About the Author: 

N. J. Adel, the author of All the Teacher’s Pets, Her Royal Harem, Seratis and I Hate You then I Love You series, is a cross genre author. From chocolate to books and book boyfriends, she likes it DARK and SPICY.

Bikers, rock stars, dirty Hollywood heartthrobs, smexy guards and men who serve. She loves it all.

She is a loather of cats and thinks they are Satan’s pets. She used to teach English by day and write fun smut by night with her German Shepherd, Leo. Now, she only writes the fun smut.


Love, Creativity & Magick by Kiki Howell ~Sweeter Than Chocolate: Valentine’s Day Anthology Author Spotlight Interview @KikiHowell7 #romancereaders #witches #magic #vampires #pnr #bookboyfriend #paranormalromance #romancereads #anthology #collection #holidayromance #spicyromreads


All acts of magick take on shades of gray in the end. Especially for Emma, one of four, female witches, who, by birthright, belongs in the social circles of the privileged, upper ten thousand in London. Yet, by rumor of the unknown and the misunderstood, she stands apart, cut by her peers along with her cousins.

Most of their nights at parties and balls were spent creating a magickal comedy of errors. Nowhere was the color of steam more evident than helping the uptight aristocracy side step their fastidious standards. Only, this year, Emma is not quite sure what is happening to her. Something dark and seductive, something not of this world, is luring her, possessing her, and she has no comprehension of what, or who, the presence really is.

When he does finally show his face, and she feels him to be a nightwalker, she must fear not only the threat he poses to her blood and to the magick he can suck from her, but also the danger he poses to her heart.

To complicate matters further, his propositions are as exciting as they are scandalous. When Valentine’s Day rolls around, a secret is revealed, leaving her even more unsure of her future.

Where can readers find Love,
Creativity & Magick
Available exclusively in the Sweeter Than Chocolate: Valentine’s Day Anthology
Grab your 99cent pre-order copy!
Universal Link:
Sweeter than chocolate and hotter than your heart’s desire. 
Celebrate the day of love with sixteen sweet and spicy stories from some of your favorite USA Today and Amazon Bestselling Authors. Brimming with love, passion, and angst, this anthology will satisfy your sweet tooth, set your heart on fire, and leave you yearning for more. 
So tear into your favorite box of Valentine’s Day chocolates, pour a glass of wine, and start reading for some decadent, melt-in-your-mouth Valentine-themed romances.
Author Interview

Hello and welcome, readers! We have Kiki Howell here with us today. Kiki, Thanks for visiting us.

Thank you for having me. I’m excited to be here!

How long have you been a writer and how did you come to writing?

Well, I received my first publishing contract in 2007, but I have been “writing” per say since I can remember, back when people used to read me books and I would change them in my head later on. I finally grew up enough to think, hey maybe I should write one myself. 

Tell us about your title featured in: Sweeter Than Chocolate: Valentine’s Day Anthology.

Oh, it was so much fun to write, regency set, vampire and witch along with a healthy dose of steampunk with some spice added to the mix of genres!

How did you come up with the storyline?

I wanted to write a regency set steampunk, set out with a witch as my main character, as usual, then went with some what if questions. I somehow became intrigued by the idea that the vampire could harm her in more than the usual ways.

What inspires you to write?

Depends. All kinds of things from exploring old lore to a way to deal with a real life situation. Given I write paranormal, no one ever knows when I’m working out something from real life. Writing truly is therapy for me!

What is your favorite genre to read?

I actually split my time between darker paranormal to horror, like I write, to what I call “break times” where I read sweet romances. I do the same with movies. 

What would you say is the one thing are you most passionate about outside of writing?

I’m also a yoga teacher, another means of therapy for me. I love to offer people ways to deal with the stress in their lives. 

When you are not writing, what do you like to do?

Wow, that is a long list: time with friends and family, reading (for pleasure and research), hiking, making homemade stuff with essential oils, yoga, knitting, binge watching TV, and on and on the list goes. I have too many hobbies. 

Tell us about your other books.

One of my favorite recent books is titled “Whiskey & Witchcraft.” Another one that was a lot of fun to write. My first true bad boy main character in a full novel, that at points in writing it I wasn’t even sure I could redeem. 

Where can readers find you?

Mainly all information is on my Website I spend too much time playing on Facebook

About the Author: 

Ever since she was young, Kiki Howell has loved to listen to a well-woven tale with real characters, inspired plots, and delightful resolutions. Kiki could spend hours lost in a book, and soon she knew that creating lives, loves, and losses with just words had to be the greatest thing that she could do. To that end, she pursued her study of literature and writing, earning a bachelor’s degree in English. She then followed in a Master’s program in Creative Writing.

“After a long break having my boys, I finally just had to write again. And, as soon as I gave the stories the space, they entered it. It’s both awesome and humbling to find the words in my mind become characters on a page and create their lives.”

She has now had over fifty stories published between eleven different publishers.  She could not be more thrilled or grateful to see her creations polished and out in the real world. Please look around. Although, a bit of caution, most of her stories tend to hang out on the graphically sexy side of town.

In May, 2011, Kiki was chosen as an Ohioana Book Festival author for her novel, Torn Asunder. She’s also had three flash fiction stories win writing contests. Since the fall of 2013, she’s had three novels – Hidden Salem, Salem’s Revenge, and What Lies Within Us – hit Amazon Top 100 Bestsellers Lists in several categories like Paranormal, Suspense, Ghosts, Gothic Fiction, and Occult Horror. Most recently, the second in her Salem Series, Salem’s Revenge, hit the Top 10 on Amazon in Witch & Wizard Thrillers. In October of 2017, Kiki hit the USA Today Bestsellers List.

In a different vein, in March 2015, Kiki coordinated and edited her first charity anthology, We Go On, with all proceeds going to veteran’s charities. She’s also published a children’s book. 

Kiki resides in the Midwest with her incredibly handsome and talented, singer/songwriter husband and two children. When she is not writing, she is spending time with her family, reading, watching tv or knitting.


One Great Love by Gina Azzi ~Sweeter Than Chocolate: Valentine’s Day Anthology Author Spotlight Interview @gina_azzi #onegreatlove #findingloveinscotland #keiraandlachlan #valentinesdaylove #sweetromance #contemporaryromance #valentinesdayromance #secondchance #lovestory #secondchancelove #contemporary #romancereads #anthology #collection #holidayromance #spicyromreads


Four years ago, Lachlan Begay moved to London and broke my heart.

Despite my best efforts, I never truly moved on. 

Every time Lach visits Scotland, we fall back into old patterns that result in new hurts.

My hurts.

Now, my heart is breaking for a different reason.

Preparing my nanna’s final Valentine’s Day gala at our family farm, the last person I need twisting my emotions is Lachlan.

But here he is, setting me on fire with a single glance. 

This time, he swears he’s mine.

This time, he promises me a future.

This time, he says all the words I’ve been waiting years to hear.

The only problem? 

I don’t believe him. 

Where can readers find One Great Love?
Available exclusively in the Sweeter Than Chocolate: Valentine’s Day Anthology
Grab your pre-order copy for 99 cents, but only for a limited time!
Universal Link:
Sweeter than chocolate and hotter than your heart’s desire. 
Celebrate the day of love with sixteen sweet and spicy stories from some of your favorite USA Today and Amazon Bestselling Authors. Brimming with love, passion, and angst, this anthology will satisfy your sweet tooth, set your heart on fire, and leave you yearning for more. 
So tear into your favorite box of Valentine’s Day chocolates, pour a glass of wine, and start reading for some decadent, melt-in-your-mouth Valentine-themed romances.
Author Interview

Hello and welcome, readers! We have Gina Azzi here with us today. Gina, Thanks for visiting us.

Hi there! Thanks for having me.

How long have you been a writer and how did you come to writing?

 I’ve been writing since I was a little kid, making up short stories and plays for my friends to act out. In 2011, I started taking writing classes in New York City for fun and to meet other writers. When I moved abroad in 2012, I continued the courses online and began expanding a piece of flash fiction into my first novel, Corner of Ocean and Bay. In 2015, I moved to Dubai and learned I was pregnant with my first daughter. That’s when I began self-publishing and never looked back!

Tell us about your title featured in: Sweeter Than Chocolate: Valentine’s Day Anthology.

One Great Love is a sweet and spicy second chance romance set in Scotland. It’s a novella focused on acceptance and forgiveness between Lachlan and Keira, college sweethearts with a complicated past. 

How did you come up with the storyline?

One Great Love is a novella spinoff from the Finding Love in Scotland Series! So the second chance romance aspect was quite natural and part of Lachlan’s story from One Last Chance and This Time Around!

What inspires you to write?

Everything! My family, my friends, articles I read and movies I watch. So many different ideas and storylines fill my head, especially when a particular issue interests me, and then I can’t not write. 

What is your favorite genre to read?

Romance! I love the marriage of convenience trope and military romance. 

What would you say is the one thing are you most passionate about outside of writing?

Traveling! I love the adventure of going to new places, trying new things, and meeting new people. I search the internet for destinations and flights the way my friends check out home décor! 

When you are not writing, what do you like to do?

Be with my family. My kids are at super fun ages where I get to enjoy all their imagined games and act like a kid myself. We love Friday night pizza parties, Sunday brunch, and all the spontaneous dance parties. 

Tell us about your other books.

I have three interconnected series out with a new, super angsty duet releasing in Spring.

The Kane Brothers, starting with Rescuing Broken, is a second-chance military romance that will introduce you to the hot and charming Kane boys. 

The College Pact series has four sports romances featuring resilient heroines. Start with The Last First Game for an unexpected love between a sexy, football God and the medical intern he falls for!

Finding Love in Scotland is all about second chances set in Edinburgh. Begin with One Last Chance (and meet Daisy Kane from The Kane Brothers!)

Corner of Ocean and Bay — my first novel — is a YA romance about first loves and friendship. 

Keep an eye out for The Regret Duet, kicking off with Broken Lies, in March 2020!

Where can readers find you?

Connect with me here: 









About the Author: 

Gina Azzi writes Contemporary Romance with relatable, genuine characters experiencing real life love, friendships, and obstacles. She is the author of The Kane Brothers Series, Finding Love in Scotland Series, The College Pact Series, and Corner of Ocean and Bay. All of her books can be read as stand-alones. 

A Jersey girl at heart, Gina has spent her twenties traveling the world, living and working abroad, before settling down in Ontario, Canada with her husband and three children. She’s a voracious reader, daydreamer, and coffee enthusiast who loves meeting new people. Connect with her through

I have a #newrelease today, and I’m featuring Stella Moore and her book, Daddy’s Perfect Princess.

Cover (1)

First, I will mention that this is another beautiful Blushing Books cover.

Perfection comes in all sizes.


Left humiliated and heartbroken by the man she’d planned to marry, Mindy Kirkman goes on a mission to get the best revenge (body) she can. Her plans take an unexpected turn when she falls hard for sexy personal trainer, Fox Washburn. But Mindy’s quest for revenge takes her down a dangerous path. Will she sabotage her happiness with Fox? Or will she finally accept that perfection comes in all sizes?

Purchase Links:

Fox took her hand again and led her through a door to his bedroom. She felt like she was walking on clouds. Was this actually happening? Was she really about to get a spanking, not just for fun or role playing, but an honest to goodness discipline spanking?

Fox led her to a bare corner of his bedroom and turned her to face the wall. “Hands on your head.” She quickly complied with the gruff order, and her heart tripped over itself when she felt his fingers in the waistband of her leggings.

“Fox,” she trailed off, unsure of what she wanted to say next.

“They’re coming down, little girl. We already talked about this.”

“Yes, I know, it’s just,” she was mortified to hear the tears in her voice, “I don’t want you to see me. I’m not, you know.”

“I don’t know. Not what, Melinda?”

“I’m not skinny like the girls you’re used to!” she blurted out, tears blurring her vision. “And thank God for that.”

Of all the answers she’d prepared herself for, that hadn’t even been on the radar. “What?”

He leaned down, his breath tickling her ear as he spoke. “I love the way you look. I love your round bottom, your bouncy breasts, every single inch of you. I’ve had to fight to keep my hands off you since the moment you walked into my gym.”

Pinch test be damned, this was definitely a dream. “You don’t mean that,” she replied instinctively. The idea of a man finding her sexy, as she was and not as she potentially could be, was beyond her ability to comprehend.

“I’m going to let that one slide. But we have some work to do, me and you. Now, your leggings are coming down and I don’t want another word about it, or your weight, or I will take my belt to your bottom when we’re finished. Understood?”

The emotions raging inside of her robbed her ability to speak, so she simply nodded. Squeezing her eyes shut, she held her breath as he tugged her leggings and her panties to her knees. “You’re beautiful,” he murmured, one huge hand stroking her bare skin until she trembled. “But you’ll be even more beautiful with this bottom painted a nice pretty red. Stay in the corner until I call for you.”

About Stella and how to find her:

Nestled somewhere in the Southeastern United a States you can usually find Stella curled up on her couch with her tablet, a blanket (because even during a southern summer, she’s freezing) and a glass of wine. If she isn’t writing or tweaking her newest work, she’s glued to a book. Romance, suspense, thrillers, Stella loves a little bit of everything.

Other than reading, she spends her time listening to her husband play his guitar and throwing spontaneous dance parties with her two teenage daughters in the living room. When she can convince everyone else to venture outside, she loves hiking and swimming. Her husband is fairly certain she’s secretly a mermaid, as she’d live in the water if she could.

Stella has been writing spanking fiction off and on for years, but she’s just recently taken the plunge into writing full on novels. She is from the school of “write what you know”, and her husband is always willing (sometimes too willing!) to assist with any research she needs.

Follow Stella:
Instagram @author.stellam
Twitter @authorstellam

I have a story, Where I Should Be, in this anthology released today, Real Men: Silver Foxes.  I loved writing Crystal and Paul’s story.

Real Men. 
Real Lives.
Real Romance.
Younger men can be fun and exciting. But, sooner or later that appeal eventually diminishes, and women want more than just those fleeting moments of desire. 
They want something real. 
And they find themselves craving a man who can offer something more.
A man who will treat her like a lady.
A man that will leave her breathless.
Enter the world of these women who find the real men that they hunger for.
These men will give new meaning to the term silver foxes.

Blurb for my story – Where I Should Be

Some say love finds you when you least expect it.

For over twenty years, Paul has kept to the road as a long-haul truck driver more than he’s been home.  He isn’t running away from his past, he just prefers it stay where it belongs, in the past.  It’s impossible to repeat mistakes which involved others if you have no one.

Right after high-school graduation, Crystal ran off with her “bad boy” boyfriend, Derek.  She never anticipated things getting as bad as they did.  She never expected to indulge in activities she did and to wound up not only hurting herself but hating herself.  In the last year, she has decided to change her life and be a better person, but Derek finds her each time and obliterates all the effort she’s made.

Breaking free of him again, she stumbles into a truck stop and into Paul’s arms.  A man desiring only solitude, and a woman wishing to escape her life become traveling companions.  They find they not only share a physical attraction, but each discovers that together might just be where they should be.  There’s more than the obvious concern of a big age difference hindering them from pursuing their relationship, and both will need to believe in themselves as individuals and as a couple to make it work.


Her Match, Her Mate, Her Master by Vanessa Brooks

I am thrilled to feature a historical romance today by fellow Blushing Books author, Vanessa Brooks.  This cover intrigued me and had me wanting to know more. 

her match her mate

Now that my youngest has graduated high school, and we had an awesome trip to London (her choice, my first visit, and I must say, she chose wisely) I feel like I can get back into my writing and reading.  This is on my must read list.

A headstrong English Lady who is no match for her ruggedly determined American husband!


A tempestuous honeymoon, shipwreck, adventure…

A shrewd, rugged American travels the expanse of the Atlantic Ocean in order to meet a beautiful, spoiled aristocratic English girl.

Adventure awaits this mismatched couple, leading Linnet to become taken by natives. Can an English rose flourish in the wilds of America?


She pulled the rug up under her chin, staring warily over it with narrowed eyes, while failing to repress her shivering.

“Now what is the matter?” he asked. “Look, as much as I would like to put you over my knee and spank you soundly, which incidentally, you do very much deserve. I think we must concentrate on getting you warm, if not dry, before you catch your death from cold. Just look how wet you are!” He took hold of the blanket and pulled it away from her. “Come now, there’s a good girl, let’s get you as dry as we can,” he coaxed.

He’d intended to rub her briskly with the blanket, but when he stretched out his hand, she whipped forward and sunk her teeth deep into his wrist, drawing blood. “Yee-ouch! Why you spiteful baggage. I have a good mind to- You have been asking for this you little brat, well that’s decided it, I’m going to warm you up properly!”

Provoked beyond endurance and recalling her vicious attack upon him earlier in the evening, not to mention her ill-mannered behaviour over the past few days! He hauled Linnet across his knee, determined to teach her a much needed lesson in manners. Raising his arm he proceeded to spank her with emphasis. Her head was smothered in the wet wool rug, which hampered her struggles and muffled her cries. She managed to sink her teeth into John’s thigh, although the blanket took the worst of the bite, he jumped and gritted his teeth, compelled; he taught the English harridan a lesson she’d not soon forget.

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Author Bio:

International bestselling author Vanessa Brooks lives in Sussex England. She has a lifelong love of history, most especially English and American. She has written a couple of western tales, one notably for the Red Petticoat series which was such a huge success in America. Her Georgian series, Masterful Husbands, set in the 1700’s has also proved highly successful both sides of the Atlantic.
Vanessa’s novels are generally historically based; she has a knack of bringing an authenticity to the era in which her novels are set. Vanessa carefully researches each time period and strives to ensure that any historical facts she uses are correct.
More importantly, she likes to write an entertaining book for her readers to enjoy. She includes passion, adventure, romance and domestic discipline, de rigueur within the eras of her popular novels.

Her Gilded Dragon by Susannah Shannon #newrelease #spankingromance #fantasy

I’m happy to have Susannah Shannon returning today and sharing her new release, Her Gilded Dragon.  This one is a fantasy and it sounds great.  Check out this cover (whoa, fanning self).

her gilded dragonBuy link:


After she is forced to flee her kingdom with the aid of a loyal general, Princess Hanne of Vastra begins a long, arduous journey to the frozen lands far to the north, where she will be married to Jonis the Gilded, the famed warrior who defends the great fortress of Pinnacle Keep.
Though Hanne is intimidated by his fearsome reputation, upon reaching her destination she is put at ease by Jonis’ good humor and amazed by the pleasure his skilled, dominant lovemaking brings her on their wedding night. But when she challenges his authority, the beautiful young princess quickly learns the hard way that her new husband will not hesitate to bare her bottom and spank her until she is tearful and repentant.
To Hanne’s surprise, the stern chastisement merely increases her desire for Jonis, and soon their lust for one another has grown into a passionate love. But when the foes who drove her from her own land threaten Hanne’s new home, will Jonis’ skill in battle prove sufficient to protect the woman he loves or will the ancient power that burns in his blood be his only hope to save her?

Publisher’s Note: Her Gilded Dragon includes spankings and sexual scenes. If such
material offends you, please don’t buy this book.


She was being shaken awake. She forced herself to open her eyes. “Come, my love,” said Jonis. She sat up as he knelt and slipped boots onto her bare feet. She was only wearing a shift, but she held her arms up so he could slip a woolen dress over her. He threw a fur over his shoulder and taking her hand, led her through the keep. He half carried her up many stairs. They threaded through rooms she hadn’t seen before and the air got distinctly colder. They went through a series of doors, and even before he opened the last one, the air was so cold that it burned when she inhaled. He led her out onto the battlements. The sky was on fire. The dancing lights that she had first seen on the dog sled turned the sky colors that melted into one another. “They are beautiful,” she gasped.
He chuckled. “Yes, but that’s not why I brought you out here.” He pointed to the north side of the wall. Under the dancing sky the ground appeared to be moving. Her eyes adjusted, and as far as she could see, a herd of the largest animals she had ever seen moved slowly in a winding river of tusks and curly fur.
“I didn’t think they were real,” she whispered.
“Wooly mammoths?” he asked. “Of course they are real, but only on the northern side of the wall. They can’t cross.”
Skulking on the edge of the herd, a menacing figure crouched. The mammoths sensed the snow tiger and began to stampede. The tiger didn’t seem to be able to find a vulnerable member of the herd. The moonlight glinted on its rapier-like front teeth.

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Rules of the Wild by Jaye Elise and Jack Crosby #spankingromance #newrelease #alaskanromance

Today I’m featuring a yummy, spanking romance set in Alaska.  Rules of the Wild by Jaye Elise and Jack Crosby sounds like a great read.  I got my copy and can’t wait to take a trip back to an amazing, beautiful part of our country.

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After her father’s gambling addiction finally catches up with him and his debts put her life in danger as well, Emy Forester is forced to go into hiding in Juneau, Alaska. Planning to start a new life, she finds a job at a local pub, and it is there that she first sets eyes on Tobias Wyatt.

Tobias is unlike any man Emy has ever met. The former game warden is as rugged, harsh, and uncompromising as the Alaskan wilderness he calls home. He is the kind of man a woman obeys unless she wants to feel his belt across her bare backside. The thought of belonging to Tobias should terrify her, but instead it leaves Emy’s heart racing and her panties soaked.

When Emy lets her curiosity get the better of her and flirts with Tobias one time too many, she ends up spanked until she is sobbing. Despite her blushing cheeks and sore bottom, however, his rough, dominant lovemaking proves more satisfying than she would have thought possible, and an intense, passionate romance quickly ignites between them.

Over the coming weeks, Tobias sets out to teach Emy the proper respect for the dangers of this wild, untamed land. But the men who killed her father haven’t stopped looking for her. When Tobias learns that Emy has been lying to him about her identity, will it destroy the bond they’ve built together, or will he forgive her deception and take it upon himself to protect her?

Publisher’s Note: Rules of the Wild includes spankings and sexual scenes. If such material offends you, please don’t buy this book.


“Anything wrong?” His voice carried a note of mild concern and within seconds he was at my side, gripping my shoulder protectively.

“No, I-I’m fine. Just haven’t played in a while,” I whispered, tilting my head in the direction of the cards. “I kinda gave it up a while ago.”


I’d just dropped a bombshell on him, something I’d never even shared with my closest friends, and all I got was a noncommittal two-syllable grunt. Nice, Tobias. Shifting in his grip, I managed to tilt my head up and look into his eyes. He was only about a head taller than me, but in the cramped quarters, his sheer mass seemed to double my own.

“Sit. Please.”

I did as ordered, sliding myself into the pleather booth on one side of the table. He mirrored me, taking up position across from me before screwing caps off both bottles. Christ, the man had massive hands. I felt my pussy throb as I recalled my recent nightly fantasies, fantasies in which those hands had featured quite prominently.

The quiet lapping sounds of the water against the hull were soothing, yet the silence between us kept me from relaxing. For once, I refused to be the one to break the deadlock. And it turned out to be the best decision I’d made in a while.

“I didn’t realize the cards would be an issue. Sorry about that.”

“S’okay,” I shrugged and gave him a grin.

“I know a gambler when I see one, Emy. And you’ve been rolling the dice with me since the day we met, haven’t you?”

For all the time I’d spent assessing his tells and sussing out his moods, it never occurred to me that he’d been doing the same to me. But before I could interject, he pushed forward.

“You and me, Emy, see…we’re at a crossroads. A stalemate. Pushing and pulling, clawing and scratching. It’s the way of the wild, and believe me, it doesn’t end well for either one of us if we keep on like this.”

I had no idea where he was going with this. I only knew that I wanted to be there with him when we arrived.

“So we need something to get us past the standoff between us,” he continued. “And that’s where these cards come in. But if one hand of poker is gonna be one hand too many, I’ll come up with another solution. If it makes you feel any better, we’re not bettin’ for money.”

“What’re the stakes then?” I blurted out, not able to help myself.

“I’m so glad you asked. One hand, winner takes all. If you win, you get to ask me any question you like and I’ll answer you honestly and completely.”

“And if you win?” I squeaked.

“Well, when I win, I’m gonna take you over my knee and give you the spanking you’ve been asking for since the day I met you. I don’t know about where you’re from or what you’re used to, but actions and words have consequences up here, and I think that’s a lesson that you need to learn. And I’m gonna be the one to teach you.”

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Glitz, Glitter & Fame: An Anthology-treat yourself this New Year’s Day Only .99 live on the 1st #newrelease #hollywoodromance

Between several releases over the last few months, the holidays, work, maintaining a newsletter, and trying to write new material, it seems I’ve neglected my blog.  Oops!  I have a story in this awesome anthology releasing tomorrow!


I hope everyone had an enjoyable, healthy Christmas and I wish everyone a Happy New Year.  

This anthology features thirteen short stories about the Glitz, Glitter & Fame of Hollywood.  My story Only in Hollywood was so much fun and came so easy to me.  I am positive I will continue their story.


Billie Jo’s parents surprised her with a dream vacation during college break, a summer in Hollywood with her cousin.  Being mistaken as Cruz Noble’s hired stress relief wasn’t in her job description when she accepted the part-time assistant job at the studio her cousin works for.  Their first introduction was a horribly awkward misconception on his part, but Cruz not only wants to make it right, he wants Billie Jo.  With zero interest in movie stars and their larger than life existence, can Hollywood’s biggest star get the girl in real life?

Let’s see if an excerpt will interest you.

Billie Jo was thrilled beyond anything else in her life when her parents bought her a plane ticket to spend the summer with her cousin in Los Angeles before entering her senior year of college. She had never even been on a plane.

Billie Jo always envied her older cousin. Not only did Sarah get out of Alabama, but she managed to become a sought-after makeup artist to some of the biggest names in Hollywood. Though Billie Jo didn’t come out there to work, Sarah pulled some strings and got her a part-time position as an assistant, basically a go-for girl. Her mom wouldn’t be happy when she found out she took a job on her supposed dream vacation. She knew her mom and stepdad must have saved for months and wanted her to enjoy her summer before graduation, but she liked to stay busy.

They came in early so Sarah could set up, and since Billie Jo knew she shouldn’t enter any dressing rooms once the stars arrived unless requested, she went ahead to cross a few of her duties off her daily tasks. As she backed up and turned around to leave the room, she ran right smack into the big, tight chest of Cruz Noble. Stunned, embarrassed, and with her nose hurting, she didn’t move. Her nose still against his shirt, she breathed him in. He smelled fantastic.

“Little early in the day, aren’t we? Maybe that’s not a bad thing, try something different,” he spoke in a deep, toe-curling voice. How long she would continue to stand there, sniffing his chest, she didn’t know. Forever. Cupping her chin in his warm fingers, he tilted her head up, making her look into his sultry blue eyes. She trembled, imagining him gazing at her like that after a session of wild sex. “Aren’t you a cute li’l thing. I can think of several other places to put your face, darlin’.”

He grinned at her and her knees weakened. Lowering his hand from her face to her elbow, he guided her back into his room. So shaken over him finding her in his room, it barely registered that he had closed the door behind her. She stood in the middle of his dressing room… with him.

“Alright, babe, down on your knees,” he directed. She did as told. He stepped from beside her, walked around and stood in front of her, his hand clasped around his condom-covered cock. It happened so fast she didn’t have time to react. Tapping her lips with the tip, her mouth fell open.

“Cruz, here is the scene change… oh good lord. What the hell? Why didn’t you just leave her at your place?” A pretty woman entered the room with papers, which she held up in front of her face, shielding her eyes from the sight in front of her.

Billie Jo stayed as she was, Cruz’s dick resting on her lower lip. Their eyes met again, and she sucked in her breath, some shared understanding between them, which both terrified and thrilled her.

If this wasn’t awkward enough, Sarah rushed through the doorway in a panic and ran into the pretty woman.  Cruz’s assistant or agent Billie Jo guessed. “Kate, I can’t find… Billie Jo!” she hollered.

Cruz and Billie Jo tore their eyes away from each other to look at the two women who had interrupted their… what exactly did they interrupt? Sarah rushed to Billie Jo, grabbing her arm. “Get up… get up. Gee, you haven’t been in L.A. three days. How am I going to explain this?” she uttered.

Making no attempt to shield his exposed private parts, Cruz spoke in a controlled, nonchalant tone. “I’m thinking this is a misunderstanding of some type?”

Moving in front of Cruz, Kate responded, “Yes, Cruz. I do believe this is a huge misunderstanding.” Waving her hand downward, indicating he needed to put away his displayed member, she scolded him in a failed attempt to lower her voice. “If I was going to change your schedule, you would be the first to know.”

Leading Billie Jo from the room, Sarah led her back toward the set. “What was that? I can’t believe this. Mom promised me you wouldn’t be any trouble. This is bad…very, very bad.”

It may have looked very, very bad, but Billie Jo didn’t feel bad or ashamed. Which made absolutely no sense.

“What was that?” Sarah asked, pushing Billie Jo down the hallway.

A smile the size of the Grand Canyon plastered across her face, Billie Jo responded with the only answer that entered her mind. “I do believe I was about to give him a blowjob. Or do they call it something different out here in California?” She didn’t intend to come off bitchy, but she couldn’t make heads or tails out of what just happened either.

Guiding her into the women’s bathroom, Sarah spun Billie Jo to face her. “I think… I think…” She burst into a hysterical fit of laughter. Billie Jo joined. They stood there together and laughed for a solid five minutes. Each time one would start to say something, more hoots erupted between them. Swiping away the tears from under her eyes, Sarah tried again. “How the heck did that happen?”

Shrugging, Billie Jo gave her honest answer. “He found me in his dressing room. He told me to kneel, I did. I don’t know why. It felt right. Like it was the only option…as weird as that sounds. I didn’t know he pulled his… his… out, though, until it met my lips.”

Sarah’s body shook with her attempts to repress additional laughter. “Okay, let me get this straight. He didn’t ask who you were? He instructed you to get to your knees, and you did?” Sarah raised an eyebrow.

“I know. I know. It was something in his voice.”

“Um, no, it was something in… well… out of his pants,” Sarah giggled. “The countless number of females who would love to have been in that situation. If you think you can practice a l’il more self-control and refrain from having all the other stars in the film whip out their genitals in your presence, we need to get to work.” Swinging the door open, she left the bathroom, with Billie Jo on her heels.

“That’s not it. I’m not someone who gets all gaga over some star and certainly not to the point of casual sex. Or casual fellatio,” she giggled. “I mean Cruz is hot enough. Smoldering. He smells fantastic, too. But the way he sounded… the way he said it.”

Rounding a corner, Sarah quickened her pace. “Yeah, yeah. You’re lucky I don’t have to work on him today. I’m trying to build my client list, not dwindle it. A conversation with Cruz Noble about this morning would undoubtedly affect my quality of work,” she assured.

The more she thought about it, the more mortified Billie Jo became. The last thing she wanted was to cause trouble for her cousin. “I was instructed to check his fridge and restock before he got on set. He wasn’t supposed to find me in there. I hope I don’t see him any today… or ever.”


Kate slammed the door, then faced him, her cheeks the color of a tomato. “What the hell, Cruz? The studio is trying to woo Sarah to work for them exclusively, and you get a hold of her cousin on her first day…with your pants down.” She paced the room, her heels clicking across the tiled floor.

Plopping himself on the couch, Cruz wished some man would get hold of Kate and release at least some of that pent-up frustration. She worried too much, and he feared she might suffer a stroke or something before she turned forty. “My pants weren’t down, Kate.”

She huffed, “You know what I mean.”

“Last thing I heard from you about my lack of trustworthy females to burn off some sexual energy with was that you were sending someone over. A pretty little discreet thing, you mentioned. I thought she was it.”

Jutting out her chin, Kate’s head bobbed as she enunciated her words as if she were speaking to a child. “Nooo… I believe you know me better than to think I would send someone without confirming it with you first.”

His laugh echoed through the room. “Hey, she looked to be exactly what I requested. And then some.”

Throwing her hands in the air, Kate cautioned, “Cruz, she’s some college girl who’s never been out of Alabama. You probably scared the poor thing to death.” Then her mouth fell open and she gasped, “What if she decides to file a sexual harassment claim. Oh no! I can see it now all over social media.”

Running his fingers through his light brown signature locks, he chastised her. “That’s enough, Kate. Don’t forget I was born and raised in Mississippi. Trust me, that l’il hottie wasn’t frightened in the slightest.” He saw something in that sweet thing’s big green eyes he hadn’t seen in a long time. He saw confidence, understanding, and submission. Those three qualities in the perfect balance, complementing each other, were a rare treasure.

Kate’s hand shook when she reached out to hand him the notes on the scene change. It made him feel bad. Sure, she walked around with her nose in the air having everyone believe she was unfeeling and unflappable, but he knew better.

Though the day consisted of sitting down with the star bitch actress and reading lines, he didn’t want his mind trailing off concerned with Kate. “Kate, I’ll apologize to her. I’ll make it right,” he insisted. He knew dang well, though, that the beauty on her knees earlier didn’t want an apology. Her wants went a lot deeper than that. This day looked much brighter than when his alarm woke him ninety minutes earlier from a sound sleep.






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The Pirate’s Daughter, Master and Command Her Book One by Marie Hall #pirateromance #spankingromance #blushingbooks

Today I have fellow Blushing Books author Marie Hall sharing her latest spanking romance The Pirate’s Daughter.  What hot-blooded female doesn’t love a brave, determined pirate?  Black Sails anyone?  

the pirate's daughter

And lucky for us readers, she has The Pirate Wife coming out December 4, 2017.

the pirate wife

Blushing Books does put out some amazing covers!  Let’s find out about The Pirate’s Daughter and about Marie Hall.  I love the excerpt!


Royal Navy Captain

Devin Winthrop is at the helm of his life and the royal navy ship the Iron Rose. His course is set and his compass true. The Caribbean Sea is the perfect place to finish out his career and he expects only fair winds.

Then he is kidnapped and blackmailed into marriage. And while his new bride is beautiful, smart and willing in bed she is also a pirate’s daughter. One with more than a few pirate qualities of her own.

Can Devin pull the wind from his wife’s sails, without more than shots across her stern before she ties an anchor around his neck and sinks him to the ocean floor? Or will the pirate’s daughter succeed in plundering his world, his career and worst yet his heart? The winds are turning but whose sails will they fill?

Captain of Her Destiny

Mia Cadley is no jellyfish. She’s lived her entire life aboard the beautiful sailing ships of her papa’s fleet. She’d captained her own ships on all the salt seas. But under the guise of their merchant business Mia and Papa are working to solve the mystery of who’s responsible for her mother’s death? And perhaps not all her methods are above boards.

When her papa forces her to wed, a navy captain no less, in order to keep her safe, Mia is resistant to everything he might offer her. Even if what he offers are pleasures beyond her imagining.

Can Mia hold her own again a man who’d try and set the course for her? Or will his ability to master and command her body as well as his commitment to disciple her acts of mutiny sink her ship before she can find safe harbor?

Sail together or break apart on the rocks.

A ship can have only one captain, both Devin and Mia must set course and sail as one if they’re going to stay afloat in the increasingly dangerous conditions on the seas they sail. Can two people as different as east and west find common winds in a hurricane of love before the tides turn against them? Passion is high on the seas as they try but the currents may not be in their favor.


She sniffed and shook her head hoping, rather greatly, they’d let it alone. But she could feel them all staring at her and she could feel the swell in her chest threatening to explode if she didn’t release it. “You can’t use me like this,” she finally told them.
“Use you?” Devin snapped.
“Yes, you can’t, can’t just make use of me when it’s to your convenience. Pick my brain when your limited experiences don’t give you satisfactory answers. If you want someone with such knowledge then find someone and make them part of the crew and use them at will. But don’t think to use me when there’s not a lick of sense between the lot of you.”
“Mia I told you, you could be part of the crew,” Devin said as he took hold of her chair and dragged it closer to him.
“You told her she could be? Hasn’t she been from the start?” Mr. Brink asked.
“No, I’ve not. I’ve no place here, serve no duty, no purpose. And when the sun comes up tomorrow that won’t have changed,” Mia shouted and tried to rise only to have Devin yank her down so she yowled when her ass hit the seat.
“You serve this ship as part of the crew Mrs. Winthrop and–” Mr. Quiggly said, sounding baffled.
“No, no she doesn’t. Damn fool woman,” Lieutenant Coventon said banging his cane on the planks of the table and standing.
“Lieutenant,” Devin snarled.
“No, no, it’s time she took stock of the facts.” The man made his way to her end of the table, lifting something as he passed the cabinet. “It’s time she stops trying to be some common midshipman and starts behaving like what she is.” The man said then leaned down to face Mia from across the table. “You’re completely correct Mrs. Winthrop. On this ship you’re completely useless. Day to day you’ve no purpose at all. Day to day there’s nothing at all you can do to better serve…”
“Lieutenant,” Devin said rising to his feet.
“Day to day not a man here would miss you,” Coventon went on sticking a finger in her face. “But in a crisis, men here would’ve died without you. In a crisis, there’s no man aboard better suited to compliment the captain. In a crisis, you read the sea, and the waves and even the goddamn bloody fish like no man ever born before you. In a crisis, I’d rather have you than most anyone I could think of. And if you don’t stop trying to lower yourself to our level then to the captain I say…” Coventon straighten then threw a strap down between them “Beat her again. Beat her until she knows she’ll never just be part of the crew. Until she understands fully she’s the very heart of it.”

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Marie Hall, Romance and a little something more

Romance can be found in all things. Romance with a little something more, is even better. I write Romance with that little something more. A little more heat, a little more fun and a little more kink. My stories are romance for the heart and erotic for the body. A dominant man willing to take on a woman who needs to learn how to submit without giving away everything she is, this is the theme I use in my writing.

Winner of Romance Writers of America, Hearts of Denver Chapter, Aspen Gold Award in Erotic Category

Two time nominee Best of Spanking Romance



Worship Series

Warrior’s Scold  Book 1

Royal Scold  Book 2

Scold’s House  Book 3

Runaway Scold  Book 4

Scold’s Conquest  Book 5

Scold’s Claim  Book 6

Master and Command Her Series

The Pirate’s Daughter  Book 1

His Pirate Wife  Book 2 (coming December 4th)


No Sugar Added


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