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Landing an interview for the administrative assistant position to Daniel Fowler of the prestigious property development firm of Nansen and Fowler gave Lena Nichols hope that good things were in store for her after a difficult couple of years. Arriving early and enthusiastic didn’t prepare her for his bossy, demanding, arrogant, and completely insensitive partner, Julian Nansen.


No one says no to Julian. And no one issues him ultimatums. His date for the charity event of his most lucrative client decided she wanted more out of their relationship and tried it. Spying the pretty woman in the reception area, he decided she could make a suitable substitute. Wide-eyed and innocent, she doesn’t argue as he dictates what he needs her to handle. By the end of the night, he discovers he wants her to handle a lot more than picking up his suit and accompanying him to a fundraiser.


When Lena learns that Julian’s spontaneous interest in her might have been part of a business strategy, she grows tired of his demands and his callousness. Her mouth tells him no, but her body can’t seem to follow suit. Has Julian met the one woman that possesses the perfect balance of defiance and compliance? Is he willing to adjust his disposition, and if so, before he loses her forever?

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Some say love finds you when you least expect it.

For over twenty years, Paul has kept to the road as a long-haul truck driver more than he’s been home. He isn’t running away from his past, he just prefers it stay where it belongs, in the past. It’s impossible to repeat mistakes which involved others if you have no one.

Right after high-school graduation, Crystal ran off with her “bad boy” boyfriend, Derek. She never anticipated things getting as bad as they did. She never expected to indulge in activities she did and to wound up not only hurting herself but hating herself. In the last year, she has decided to change her life and be a better person, but Derek finds her each time and obliterates all the effort she’s made.

Breaking free of him again, she stumbles into a truck stop and into Paul’s arms. A man desiring only solitude, and a woman wishing to escape her life become traveling companions. They find they not only share a physical attraction, but each discovers that together might just be where they should be. There’s more than the obvious concern of a big age difference hindering them from pursuing their relationship, and both will need to believe in themselves as individuals and as a couple to make it work.