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July 15, 2017 Release Date


Only eight (8) more days until His Eternal Promise is available.  I’m not complaining, by any means, but the way things have worked out, I have not just this release in July, but another work I am extremely passionate about The Heart Won’t Forget.  I will be doing a cover reveal and sharing the blurb and excerpts next week for that release.

Today’s excerpt is from His Eternal Promise.  Though Carlee struggles with her impulsive acceptance and trust of Maxim, she can’t deny that he rouses a passion in her unlike any she has ever experienced.  He recognizes, introduces, and awakens desires she never knew she had.


Taking her keys, he unlocked the door, allowing her to walk in before him. “Carlee.” He spoke in an authoritative voice, so she stopped by the couch. He couldn’t wait any longer. “Go to your room and undress.”

She did as directed, no hesitation. He watched her pretty, brown haired head go straight to the bedroom. With the door open, he watched her kick off her heels then un-zip and slide her beige pencil skirt over her hips. The tiny thong followed. A growl built in his chest, but he suppressed it. Scaring her tonight was not an option. It was never an option, but after her stunt of changing her plans for the evening, and the necessity of his protection—tonight he intended to own her, any doubts dispelled.

The blouse and bra joined the other garments on the floor, and he went to her. He ran his hands along her smooth shoulders, down her arms, and across her flat stomach. Her lips parted, a small gasp pushed through them. Leaning into him, he moved his hands to her breasts and caressed them. Tweaking her nipples, he gently pushed her off of him. “Kotyonok, you trust me.” He posed this as a statement, not a question. There could be no questioning.

Shaking her head, she said, “Yes. I do.”

Familiar with her apartment and her items as he conducted that task his first evening there, the decorative beam across her ceiling would serve this experience perfectly. Stepping to her vanity, he pulled two of the longest scarves from around the mirror. Standing in front of her, he studied her face. Her hazel eyes reflected trust and anticipation. He sensed no fear. “Give me your left wrist.” She did so, and he wrapped the scarf around it and knotted it. Placing his mouth on her warm sweet one, he ran his tongue over her lips. She quivered, and he assured her. “I will take care of you. Always.”

The always may have been too much for her to hear; her eyes widened. Keeping to his task, he tied the second scarf with the one around her left wrist, tossing the extended length this provided over the beam. Kissing her again, he requested her right wrist. Pulling on the loose end, her left arm lifted above her head. Checking the length and the pull, once satisfied, he wrapped her right wrist and knotted it.

Checking both wrists and her position, the end result pleased him. Though this lifted her arms, it allowed her movement, but limited. Her feet planted firmly on the ground; he perceived no threat of her enduring an uncomfortable position during their experience, just as he intended. “How do you feel?”

Licking her lips, she answered, “Excited.”




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