#amwriting Decided today I would share a little from my current WIP

Several years ago I started a vampire story (I know, not another one, aren’t there enough), and we were living in the lightning capital of the world.  My laptop took a hit, and my story was lost forever.  This story still calls to me though, so, I’m answering and writing it.  My heroine doesn’t know Maxim is a vampire at this point in the story.

dreamstime_m_49628632 (1)

They met under strange circumstances, but he has awakened the woman in Carlee that she has neglected since the death of her mother and her previous relationship.  Not only has he revived her dormant side, he is introducing several exciting first experiences as well.  Suppose I’ll go on and share.  This is intended for mature audiences only.


The fast nervous voice of Chester reached her before he came into view.  Maxim raised his hand at him, palm out in a halt symbol, as he left the showroom with Carlee in tow.  He was walking so fast, she had to pick up her pace to keep up.

Entering a wide hallway, he pulled her past the bathrooms, around a corner on the right to a door marked staff only.  Once he pushed open the door, tugging her through it, he spun into her slamming it shut with their bodies.

With her back to the door, his body pressed into hers, his hands were everywhere.  They were in her hair, then her neck and shoulders, on her thighs raising her dress.  He paused, a low guttural sound ripped from his throat.  Carlee grinned coyly as she knew he discovered she wasn’t wearing any panties.

Placing his forehead against hers, his lips inches away from hers, he muttered.  “Kotyonok, what are you doing to me.”  His tongue darted out, licking her lips, as he lifted her dress to her waist and picked her up.  Turning, he carried her and placed her on top of a wooden crate.  Pinning her hands, one on the outside of each of her thighs, he popped the back of each hand in a commanding gesture to keep them there.  He then grabbed her ass and pulled her to him.  “I need to apologize for my ungentlemanly behavior, but I have to have you now.”

As if that wasn’t what she wanted.  He began to undo his belt, and her insides turned into liquid heat.  His silver eyes stared into hers, and he froze.  With a smirk, he said.  “What is it with you and a belt.  I believe your backside probably needs a night off.  Not here.”  With that said, he dropped his pants, put his hands back on her ass and entered her, hard and fast.

Filling her completely, he gave a few more thrusts, before he stilled on a withdrawal.  And, he was right, until her bare bottom was scraping back and forth against the wood crate, she didn’t know how sore it was.  But she liked it.  She loved it.  Lifting her hands to pull him back in, he gripped them and put them back to her sides, flat on the crate.

In a controlled, low voice, he told her.  “Be still Carlee.  Do not move.”  Dipping his head, he kissed and nipped at her neck, almost to the point of being painful.  “I will take care of you.”

Those directives heightened her already soaring arousal.  With one of his hands behind her back, and the other on her chest, he leaned her back, pulling her dress down to expose her breasts.  She moaned when his mouth took her left nipple between his lips, alternating sucks, licks, and bites.  Arching her back even more, needing to give him all she could, as she knew he would give her the release she craved.

Lifting his head from her breasts, he took her mouth with his.  The kiss was urgent, his breath cool and clean, as he swirled his tongue over her lips and teeth.  Smooth and slow he began to drive into her again.  Caught up in the sensations his mouth provided, then with the methodic thrusting, her whole being buzzed with pleasure.  Her body tightened, and she felt the clenching of her accepting him and the urge to keep him.  It was a slow burn, an ache unlike any she experienced before.  Moaning and whimpering around his mouth, it was so surreal, as if her body was a separate entity.  She was powerless to everything except their bodies and the commotion it wreaked within her every pore.

Biting her lower lip, he said.  “Come for me.  Now.”

Clutching her butt cheeks, he pulled her into a hard thrust, and she fell apart.  Panting and gasping, she felt tears escape her eyes.  Maxim followed, groaning and holding her tight against him, the pulsing of him inside her creating ongoing waves of pleasure.



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