Happy Valentine’s Day!


I love frogs!  I’m spending my Valentine’s Day writing.  So, just to prove I actually do have a WIP, I’m sharing an excerpt.  This is for Book 2 in the Heroines of Neoma series.  This is a futuristic spanking romance.  The setting is on Neoma, another planet.


Clouds in the night sky blocked out the majority of the light of the moons on this evening, but she knew exactly where he lived, though she had never gone to his home. In the weeks she had been on Neoma, she learned and knew much about the community. Her stomach and nerves started to protest the closer she got to Luke’s place, but there was no time like the present. Why delay the inevitable. There was light shining through the window and underneath the door, and she hoped he was home.

Lightly she knocked on the door, as she wished for this to be between just her and Luke, and not anyone else. She lifted her hand to knock again, when the door pulled open.

Her heart skipped a beat. She knew it did…and her legs grew weak. She always knew Luke was a handsome man, but with him standing in the doorway, bare-chested with just a drying towel tied around his waist…her mouth went dry. It had to be just the fact that she was there to seduce him that was making her heart rate rapidly increase, and she couldn’t swallow, or speak. And, he did have fun with this. Placing his hand on the doorway, he leaned into it with a devilish smile paraded on his all too perfect face.

He left her standing there, speechless, for quite some time, before he finally offered some relief. Clearing his throat, with much exaggeration, he spoke, finally. “Good evening Bala. Is there something I can do for you?”

It’s now or never kiddo. Pushing any reservations out of her mind, she flung herself at him, her arms wrapping around his neck. He stumbled back into the house, and she kicked the door closed with her left foot.

He held her with both his hands on each side of her waist, assisting as she tightened her arms up and around his shoulders, lifting her mouth to his. The shock was instant, the desire rampant. The kiss was hard, demanding, and unforgiving on both parties. The force of his mouth was almost painful, but she could focus only on the sensations of his tongue in her mouth, playing with her tongue and her teeth. Heat radiated from him, all of him, from his mouth to his hands, which had moved to under each side of her butt pinning her to him. She was all too aware of him, and his arousal, which had her aching for more of him.

Never had she felt a need so strong. She thought she might actually be whimpering around his kiss. He stepped backwards, sat in a chair, still holding her. Before she knew what was happening, he broke the kiss, flipped her over his knees, and jerked her shorts down. With her bare ass in the air, still stirred up with all the lust he awakened in her, her voice was lost.

She didn’t have to worry over his intentions for long. As his hand made the first hard contact with her bottom, he spoke. “Bala, I’m not playing games.” Then another equally hard smack followed. “I don’t know what you were expecting to gain here tonight.” Another firm slap, all on the same cheek. “I’m not a fool, and I don’t like anyone trying to play me as such.” And another one.

After the fourth one, she no longer heard anything he said. He continued, and the pain increased, as he struck the same place each and every time. Lifting her up by her arms, he stood her in front of him. Gently he wiped her escaped tears away with his hands, and smoothed her hair back behind her ears. Even now, broken and shamed before him, he was tender and kind. His blue eyes held no animosity towards her.

Going back to Claire’s and drowning herself in her humiliation, as she wanted to do, wasn’t going to happen. Luke, carefully, without making any contact with her blistered backside, pulled up her shorts. He pulled her to the adjoining room and had her lay on her good side in the bed. Climbing in behind her, he put his hand on her waist and said. “Get some sleep Bala.”

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